Calpe Information

Below you find information about Calpe on the Costa Blanca, Spain, for our full range fincas, villas and apartments in Calpe, please press the following link: for sale Calpe.

Calpe - Costa Blanca Pearl 

Known above all for the great rock of the Rock of Ifach. Quiet and sandy beaches. Dazzling rock formations that rise straight from the Mediterranean Sea. The magnificent backdrop of mountains and green valleys, the coastline to protect and ensure the wonderful Mediterranean klimaat. Calpe surprised everyone with her huge contrast. 

Lively city 

Calpe is a huge bustling city between Altea and Benissa coast / MorairaCalpe measuring an area of 24 km ² and has about 25,000 inhabitants. With a full range of shops and restaurants throughout the year Calpe alive and accessible.

The Rock of Ifach is the epitome of this city. With its height of 322 meters it towers high above the Mediterranean Sea and is thus so long people are the landmark of this city. The Rock of Ifach is a national park, but it has possibilities to visit. Walking through this rock to visit and admire. Also for the mountaineers, the rock many possibilities. 30 A number of routes is plotted above. Easy for beginners and very heavy for the cracks among you.

On both sides of the rock are the two beautiful bays, sandy beaches surrounded by wide boulevards and chic places to eat and drink. For the modern water sports to enjoy everything here and rent. Calpe is famous in its further large salt lake, situated behind the beach. This salt lake is a remnant from Roman times and is now inhabited and protected by a large wild colony of flamingos.

Calpe offers more 

But Calpe offers even more. A city where modern apartment complexes, hotels and marinas, with wide avenues harmonize the old fishing port and the center of a distant past. The Old City is on a mountainside and provides the visitor in many shopping streets and restaurants. Calpe, where the local population is proud of its past and now tourists and visitors welcome with a warm hospitality and friendliness. 


Calpe housing requirements can be filled in each field. There are cozy apartments and villas for vacations. But the lover of an apartment or villa for permanent residence is at his beck and call.Around the center of Calpe - partly in the mountains - are residential areas with villas in various styles. Of a very modern style of the typical Mediterranean style. Detached villas and detached villas. Enough variation. And all within a few minutes at the beach and the center of Calpe

Rich culture and history 

Calpe is a city with a rich culture and history. Its strategic location on the coast through the centuries has always attracted visitors and residents a magnet. The Romans, Iberians and the Moors in a period of 20 centuries of battle and enjoyed this beautiful location. Of all these civilizations are still remains to be found in local museums and exhibitions.