Sell your property

Nowadays, internet marketing plays a key role in finding potential customers for your home. At Casas Real we have specialists in the field of internet marketing working for us. For the sale of your house we use the following marketing tools:

Our own websites

We have a specific website for every country.,,,, and Our websites are well positioned in the search engines of the different countries. For example, in we are in the top 10 for over 100 popular search terms. For example, try searching  the word "makelaar" (Estate Agent in Dutch) and a town in Google NL by clicking on the links below:

Search on Google NL for "Makelaar Benissa"

Search on Google NL for "Makelaar Altea"

Search Google NL for "Makelaar Calpe"

Real estate portals

We advertise on the largest real estate portals in the Netherlands, England, Germany and Spain.

International Partners

We also sell the properties we own through our international partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

Local Partners

At local level we also offer your property at 40 offices with which we have been working together for years

Local advertisement

We have our own flyer in an edition of 5000 copies that we distribute every two weeks. The flyer is reprinted every three months.

Call now for an appointment

Call now with Undine, Cees or Tjeerd for more information or an appointment on + 34 96 112 75 85 or send an e-mail to [email protected]