Albir Information

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Playa Albir belongs to the municipality of Alfaz del Pi that is three kilometers inland near the Sierra Helada.  Over the last few years, Playa Albir become an independent resort.  Albir is located between Altea and Benidorm.  The center of Albir is a bit mundane and very carefully!  It's a lot quieter than the hectic Benidorm, but offers terraces, beautiful boutiques, a beautiful promenade and of course sun, sea and sand!

The name Alfaz comes from Arabic meaning "fertile land".  Alfaz del Pi was originally a fortified village to protect against the attacks of the Berber pirates.  Now, 500 years later, is Alfaz del Pi a tourist destination that has developed in the human, cultural and municipal level.  Of the 12,547 inhabitants there are about 6,000 foreign and from 54 different nationalities.
The small elongated center features shops, restaurants and terraces, supermarkets with an international supply of articles en food . There is a bus to Altea and Benidorm.
The Raco del Albir Beach is a beautiful pebble beach with various water sports.  There is also a free nude beach at the foot of the Sierra.
The marble promenade with palms also "El paseo de las Estrellas" called because it's decorated with stars with the names of actors who have been in Albir on the occasion of the annual film festival that takes place in July.

The climate is Mediterranean and extremely mild.  The soft and stimulating temperature and relative humidity averaging 65% are optimal for health.
The atmosphere is partly due to the climate, the residents and visitors throughout the year.  Albir consciously presents itself as a small beautiful resort to infer from this historical cultural landscapes and diverse nature, and striking cities to visit.  It is part of a region where's a lot to discover.